B6 Rear Fan Mount


The AE stock fan setup is ok for the buggies. Blowing straight on the endbell is better than nothing, but you miss a lot of the cooling airflow down the can. The angled mount forces the outside of the body, which isn’t a great option either. And not everyone wants to do a waterfall mount. For those of you running a slipper eliminator in your buggy, you thankfully have a little more room to squeeze a fan in there. But rather than tape or shoe goo a fan down, why not try this? This tiny fan mount bolts straight to the transmission and angles a 30mm fan right down the can. while you might still want to trim the body back or punch a few holes, it’s a quick and easy way to get more cooling without forcing you to retape or reglue something.

Comes with a mounting hardware for the transmission and fan (the fan is not included, that’s on you).

NOTE: In case you didn’t see it, this DOES NOT work if you run the standard slipper clutch. You’ll need to use the stock AE ones, or check out a Ride Low Waterfall Fan Mount.

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