Team Associated Fan Mount


Ride Low waterfall mounts combine key cooling and strength over the motor. The extremely low profile keeps your fan as close to the motor as possible. Wide venting and fan angle allows the air to flow quickly and easily around the center of the can. Care was taken to lower and position the fan to clear some of the lowest bodies around made for the B6 platform.

For the Team Associated B6.0-4, T6.1 & .2, SC6.1 & .2 with laydown or layback transmission.

NOTE: Do not over tighten the mounting screws. Snug is the name of the game. Remember, this isn’t aluminum or injection plastic and you WILL strip it

A SECOND NOTE: Try using longer screws, like 8-10mm, if you have them.

ANOTHER NOTE: Do not use the pivot ball from the original waterfall. Simply reset the screw in place. Some racers that truly love pivot balls have bored out some of the material. Feel free, but you do so at your own risk.




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