Team Associated Battery Tab Holders


If you drive like I do, you have the occasional lawn dart. It seemed like way too many times, I’d get finished with a qualifier, remove the lid, and the battery had crept out from under the stock mount.

What to do? Obviously, drive better. But in the meantime, this was something to remedy. By utilizing both stock battery mounting position in the side rails and a thick, super-beefy, adjustable cup, your battery will stay put. It’s lightweight, uses your stock mounts and only needs a few button screws and washer or two.

And now you can also get tabs! Don’t want to remove anything? Just twist the tabs and pull your battery. Or you can charge it in your vehicle if you want to live dangerously to which the Ride Low legal team said we shouldn’t even say and that we are not responsible if you start a fire, nuke your car, and burn your house down.

You can even mix your colors for an extra custom look.

Gt a thing against tabs? Seems personal… But there are rubber band versions for standard and LCG packs you should look at here.

Hold it down and hold on to your butt.

Having your battery fly out of your ride is a full on “aww S*#!” moment. Covering more of the sides and a lightweight strap across the top makes a snug fit. Some physics nerd will tell you that moving the weight to the sides and lower is better for lowering your CG. I’d rather just know I’m not gonna lose a bullet connector when I miss the triple and plow into the base of the jump.