What are these things made from?

Generally speaking, I print all parts in PLA+, PLA Pro or PLA Tough, a common, but clean form of plastic in 3D printing. I’ve worked hard to make these parts extremely strong through a combination of printing techniques and design. I’ve worked with a number of materials (and some will be used in upcoming products), but these forms and alloys of PLA have been the most predictable, repeatable, and best looking finished pieces.

You may also find parts here made from PETG, ABS, or PCTPE depending on the application. Some custom colors may only be available in certain plastics.



Why don’t you use nylon like other larger printing companies?

You did some research. Good for you. I did too.

Yes. Nylon is a great material to produce 3d printed parts. It has a great tensile strength, absorbs impact and finishes nicely. I’ve also heard many people complain it’s just as brittle and problematic as “cheaper” plastics and yet you’re paying 20-50% more for it. In the interest of the bottom line for both you and me, I chose to go with what I was getting the best results from.

And carbon fiber? Well, it sure does look neat, but doesn’t really impart much in the way of strength since the actual carbon fiber is chopped up into tiny pieces. And it’s even more expensive.



So this thing won’t ever break, right?

3d printed parts are just not the same as an injection molded part you can get from a large manufacturer. Injection molded plastics are tough as hell. And yet, you still break those. So, these things can break. I’ve gone through a lot of testing to do my best to make my parts handle serious flex and impact, but they are not indestructible. Any part made of plastic will weaken over time and with repeated stress.


Some general limitations…

Given the general nature of these plastics, many of them will not do well if left in direct sunlight or in hot places as it may cause the parts to deform, bend, become brittle, etc. Do not leave them in the trunk of your car or on the passage seat. Store them in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Some plastics are much better at handling it, but your parts should remain in tact if you don’t treat them like rented playground equipment.

How will my order be shipped?

Most orders will ship via First Class USPS or Priority Mail (depending on size). If you need something different, you’ll need to contact me.



Does Ride Low ship overseas or internationally?

Anything is possible if you have enough money. If you need overseas shipping, it can be done. Just check that when you place your order.

NOTE: With Covid restrictions, it’s become a little harder to know if the USPS is delivering to all countries. I’ve experienced serious delays with New Zealand and returns from Australia lately.



When is my order going to ship?

Ride Low Racing is one guy. In a basement. When you place your order, I make your part. It’s that whole on-demand-I-don’t-have-room-to-hold-inventory-because-my-wife-will-kill-me situation. Depending on the orders in front of you this could take a few days. I will send you a notice if I am crazy backed up. And the size of your order could impact lead time as well.


Can I just pick up my order?

Indeed. If you live in or near Kansas City, then let me know.

Will you custom design a part or thing I need?

Maybe. You’ll need to contact me for your request and we’ll talk about what you’re looking for, what your budget is, etc.

And before you ask, I will not be lending my skills to marital aids. 🙂



But I want <insert color name>. Can I have that?

Maybe. If there’s a color you don’t see that you desperately want, contact me.

What’s your policy on Returns & Exchanges?

All sales are final since these parts are custom built on demand. I inspect and do some stress testing on every part before it leaves. If you have a defective part, you’ll need to contact me to discuss if a replacement is an option.

Seriously, contact me first before lodging a complaint with PayPal. I’m a pretty reasonable guy and will do what is reasonable to make it right. I become more of a jerk if you act like a jerk.



What constitutes a valid return or exchange?

Something like:

“I opened the envelope and it was a pile of dust and plastic shrapnel.”
“This is not the part I ordered and paid for.”



What is an invalid request for a return or exchange?

This list could be long, but here are a few things you will not qualify for a return or exchange.

“I decided I don’t want this now.”
“This color isn’t as <insert term here> as I want it to be.”
“I broke it.”
“I stripped the screw holes.”


Hey, I have a 3D printer. Can I have your STL?


But I live outside the US. Can’t you just give it to me?



Will you sponsor me?

Doubt it.

But I’m so fast at my local track and I have XXX followers on social media. Are you sure?

Yeah, pretty sure. You can always ask. If you entertain me enough and say the right things, then anything is possible.

But I’m great. Are you an idiot for not giving me all this free stuff for only my ensured benefit?

I can live with that. And my experience has been anyone who approaches any situation like this is a terrible representative of the brand I’m attempting to build and steward. That, and that most people that say that actually suck at driving too.


Stickers? Icanhaz stickers?

Right now, every order comes with a set of Ride Low Logo wienerdog stickers. You’ll get at least a set of 4. Sometimes more. You should put them on your vehicles, your children, your dog, or whatever else and send me a picture. I might send you some free stuff if I think the picture is awesome.

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RLR wants to bring high quality and tested parts to the RC community, and that effort takes a great deal of time, money and other resources to make that happen. Your support of that is appreciated!


For some products, Ride Low Racing will make the STL files available for purchase to be printed on your own printer. While those instances may be few and far between, RLR gets that sometimes it’s just good to have spares or custom colors.

Please review the following, as it outlines what you can and cannot do with files you’ve downloaded. RLR wants to bring high quality and tested parts to the RC community, and that effort takes a great deal of time, money and other resources to make that happen. Your support of that is appreciated!

With that said, we do have to point you below for the rules.

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