LC Racing Rear Motor Battery Braces


These little 1/14th scale buggies, truggies and SCTs are FAST. And when you drop a 2s LiPo in there, they are like cheetahs on crystal meth. However, that stock battery holder just doesn’t cut it when you have the LiPo. This version trades a up to a coverage strap and extension arms to keep your pack in place. Comes with hardware so you can mount your strap to open from the front or back depending on your battery.


Available in two lengths:

STANDARD VERSION for batteries 90mm and under.
LONG VERSION for packs 92mm-117mm.


NOTE: I strongly suggest using a drill to potential bore your mounting holes if you are using the supplied M3 screws. Remove JUST enough material to make the screw bite without warping the plastic. Why? Some people may want the option of using M2.5 hardware that usually comes with the LC kit.

ANOTHER NOTE: The long screw included in the kit installs from the bottom in the recessed area. Go slowly when installing and crank down pretty hard to get the button head into the recess so it will sit flat.

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