Team Associated High Flex Fan Mount


A guy once asked me, “Hey do you make waterfall fan mounts with no actual waterfall?” He suggested that oval racers want more flex. Then he called them a “drought fan mount” and that made me laugh. So, here is a drought fan mount for the Team Associated B6.0-4, T6.1 & .2, SC6.1 & .2 transmission. Like Lieutenant Dan, it has no legs to keep the chassis flexible, but keep the fan right over the barrel of the motor. If you are looking for maximum flex, this is the fan mount you’ll want.

NOTE: Do not over tighten the mounting screws. Snug is the name of the game. Remember, this isn’t aluminum or injection plastic and you WILL strip it.

A SECOND NOTE: Do not use the pivot ball from the original waterfall. Simply reset the screw in place. Some racers that truly love pivot balls have bored out some of the material. Feel free, but you do so at your own risk.

A FINAL NOTE: This will work for stand up, layback or laydown transmissions, but you you might need to remove your spur cover to install it on the the standup.




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