PR Racing PR 401RT Diff Cover and Fan Mount


The PR 401RT is a beast–a beast that generates a lot of heat and stress on your motor. The key is keeping the fan near the side of the can for maximum cooling. Adding a shroud helps keep the air moving around the can, but still allows full motion of the motor depending on your spur and pinion. And there’s plenty of clearance for motor tabs.

The added bonus of the center diff cover makes a complete package to protect your powerhouse, your wiring, and your finger.

Comes with 2 tiny screws to to mount the fan shroud.

NOTE: This will only work for the 401RT. There is not enough body clearance in the stock 401R body. But there is a rear fan mount coming soon.

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Cool Your Jets

Anything 4-wheel drive seems to generate 4 times the heat. And the big truck tires and extra weight aren’t helping. Keep your motor cool and keep the buzzsaw of the center diff at bay. It’s a 2-for-1. 2 birds… 1 stone.