Team Associated SC6.1 Front Body Mounts


I love my Short Course Truck. If you put a taco on it, it would be the best thing created in human history. What I don’t love is the design of the body mounts. While the rear mounts were the real problem child of breakage, the front mounts just felt like they needed to match in looks and raw strength. A tiny bit of material where the screw goes in, a little extra force from the side, and pop goes the weasel.

One man, we’ll call him Erik (because that is his name), is a freakin’ genius. He suggested flipping the screw to go through the bottom. The Ride Low body mounts do just that. You’re far more likely to break the whole mount before you snap the screw and the thick support barrel. And you even get a few screw-on caps for the top to keep it snug. Body clips are soooooooooo 2018.

Comes with two angled 23mm barrels, caps, support rods, and 40mm screws and washers.

WANT A COMPLETE SET? Just select the option to complete your set of mounts and save $3.


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