Tire Tyers


For a long time, I had a pile of tires in my pit box. They were all loose, flopping around the box, and every time i moved one they all moved. Old sets, with new sets and unmatched pairs. Bags are fine, but took up more space. That was enough…

Ride Low Tire Tyers let you keep a matched pair together, letting you organize your tire stash with it becoming like a junkyard tire pile. Available in multiple lengths to fit from slim carpet fronts to the deep stadium truck tires. They are also available in multiple colors to easily organize and identify sets for use, surface, age… taste? How you do it is up to you. Just stack the tires so the hexes face away from each other, insert the screw with the hex into one side and twist the cap on the other side.

Each Tire Tyer comes with a hex, cap, and screw. They do come loose (in case you want to cut the screw down for your specific tire). I suggest a small amount of red or blue thread lock to keep the hex secure at head of the screw.


35mm – Good for buggy front tires

45mm – Good for buggy rears

50mm – Good for SCT tires

80mm – Stadium Truck tires (or pole vaulting)

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