Pit Stand


Sometimes you just need to get the car up on blocks. And while a flipped over tire works in a pinch, sometimes it’s nice to give your ride a comfy place of honor in the pit so that the unwashed masses may oogle the glory that is your ride while you replace the A-arm you snapped while while trying the triple and landing on the pipe.

Ride Low stands are built to an almost idiotic level of strength for a car stand while still remaining light. Plus, it’s a quick and easy place to place your shocks during a rebuild.

Wanna make sure your buggy stays put? Simply cut a set of your old tires into strips and use some tire glue to adhere it to the stand. It’s like your own personal custom touch to your stand. And it’s recycling. Now you can sleep better at night.

Custom side panels are available at an additional cost. Contact me for a quote on getting your own logo or art there.

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Be more supportive.

Small, light and strong. Makes keeping your 10th scale buggy, stadium truck or short course nestled with wheels off the pit table pretty easy.

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