The Doxie – LCG Micro Crawler Chassis

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It’s pretty clear rock crawlers are here to stay. These tiny trucks are shockingly capable when upgraded, even just a little. While there is no magic solution to get spiderman on wheels, the amount of customization and personalization for these tiny trucks is pretty unparalleled. Now you can build a custom chassis for fun or competitions with the Ride Low Micro Crawler Chassis – The Doxie. This is a customized base for a LCG chassis from Class 1-3 (though your local rules may be different). You decide what characteristics you want, pick your options, and then you get a specialized chassis and rails for exactly what you need.

The Doxie is meant for medium length wheelbase vehicles – C10s, deadbolts, JLU jeeps, but you can go longer by laying your shocks down a little more (even up to 170mm wheelbase). The whole point was to have a system that could use interchangeable parts to allow you to make changes or expand (or contract) when you felt like you needed a change without having to buy a whole new kit… even though we usually do because having one micro crawler never seems like enough.

Whether you are using stock electronics, brushless systems, long motors, forward or rear facing motors, the Doxie can handle it. Want to use a standard body? Do it. Want to put a Cliffhanger on? Do it. Want to put some crazy hardbody you found on eBay? Go for it.

Available chassis include:

  • 0º and 5º skid angles
  • Front or rear mount battery placement
  • Rear mount tines for standard SCX24 bodies and hinges or no tines
  • Magnetic body mounts (flat and adjustable)
  • Standard skid mounting holes or adjustable
  • And option parts include 2 trays, rock sliders, and a reversible flat skid.
  • Assembly hardware included

So many options… I know. Here’s some examples:

“I want to use my stock electronics and body for a Class 1 build.”
Choose the Zero Degree with Rear Tines.

“I’m building a heavy Class 2 rig with a brushless system and Toyota body.”
Maybe try the Five Degree Standard Without Tines.

“I’m going nuts and building a ridiculous Class 3 from the ground up, brushless with a bouncer body.”
Five Degree Without Tines with the Flat Skid and maybe sliders for electronics.


  • 8 magnets
  • 4 12mm m1.4 screws (lower links to skid)
  • 20 8mm m2 (skid to chassis, mounting plates, body mounts)
  • 2 Chassis Rails (With or without tines, 0º or 5º)
  • Reversible skid with m2 brass inserts
  • 2 battery/electronic mounting plates
  • 2 curved rock sliders
  • Flat magnet body mount
  • Adjustable Body Mount



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Small, but mighty. And pretty damn fun.

When you want to go slowly over things as a change of scale and pace, these things are pretty capable.


Standard (<155mm), XL (150+mm)

Skid Angle

0º, 5º

Rear Tine

Yes, No