The Lineup – Tool Stand


Organization can be a challenge. And while you might have a few thousand wrenches tucked away in your pit bag, when you are at the track, you only need the essentials. The Lineup gives your most used tools a place to live on your workspace. Easy to see. Easy to grab, and a nice wide footprint for holding parts.


190mm Wide x 121mm Deep

The Standard Lineup Includes:

1 24mm well
1 20mm well
1 24mm well
2 20mm wells
1 16x24mm rectangle well
1 8.5x17mm rectangle well
2 8mm wells
1 12mm small rectangle well

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The usual suspects

The Lineup is great for your most used tools at the track. Any combination of sizes or shapes that will fit can be created for you. Contact me for a custom quote to get exactly what you want to see in your Lineup.