The Bubble Stand – Tool Stand


Space is a premium at the track. And if you are packed in like sardines and running a couple of classes, you are lucky if you can open a bag of pretzels without decapitating the guy next to you. The Bubble Stand is a great way to pack your most used tools in a double tier setup with a nice pars tray for rebuilds.


125mm Wide x 133mm Deep


The Standard Bubble Stand Includes:

Row 1:

2 13.5mm wells
2 8mm wells
4 20mm wells

Row 2:

1 14mm well
1 12.5mm well
1 20mm well
1 24mm well
1 30mm well

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All a-round good

The Bubble Stand is a small, but sturdy tool stand with a small footprint. Any combination of sizes and shapes can work. Contact me for a custom quote to fit exactly what you need to squeeze in.