The Beast – Tool Stand


Organization can be a challenge. A messy pit or work area happens. But you can at least make an attempt to keep your wrenches from rolling off the table. If you are like most of us, you have about 74 tools laying around that you use and can’t find them half the time in your pit bag or workbench.

Enter “The Beast.” A nearly full pound of printed plastic to serve as the mobile pegboard in your life. Sporting nearly a square foot of tool space and two large part trays, you’ll find a place for nearly everything you need.


174mm Wide x 159mm Deep


The Standard Beast Includes:

Row 1:

2 13.5mm wells
4 20mm wells
2 8mm wells
1 12x24mm well

Row 2:

1 16mm well
1 13mm well
2 20mm well
1 24mm well
1 30mm well
1 12x24mm well

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Everything except a cupholder (but you could add one)

The Beast can be customized to fit your tools. Any combination of sizes or shapes that will fit can be created for you. Contact me for a custom quote to get exactly what you want your Beast to be.